Supporting search, rescue and recovery services for divers.

The Blake Terry Memorial Foundation(BTMF) is a non-profit organization that was formed as a search, rescue and recovery support foundation for Diver’s like Blake. Recreational diving and spear-fishing have become an increased popular sport over the past several years. Because of the increase in divers, the number of diver’s that have died and/or went missing has increased to an average of 150 divers a year. Trying to rescue and recover Blake, we learned that the Coast Guard only performs surface searches, not dives. The USCG Command Center out of New Orleans kept us informed as to what they were doing at all times, however, because of the support from the different diver’s and local business owners who cared and knew Blake, we were able to have unlimited amount of divers, numerous boats and an ROV. All were donated in hopes of rescuing or recovering Blake. Although we knew that the depth of water made recovery unlikely, the dive teams did not give up until, we, as a family, told them to stop. We knew they had exhausted all efforts in trying to find him.

Over the past few years, we have performed several missions. We have learned so much through each of these missions. We know that we need to continue to strive for more advanced equipment, for additional options of rescue devices, as well as being more proactive in building safety awareness to our dive community. Through your support, we have been able to find experience resources such as Keith Cormican from Bruce’s Legacy, as well as advanced training to support our dive teams with the best technology available such as the L3 Klein 3900 Sonar System.

Click here for more information about the Klein 3900 Sonar System.

We continue to reach out to families and friends that BTMF should be your NEXT CALL after the Coast Guard has been informed of an emergency. Response time, communication, and coordination are critical when someone’s life is in danger.